Our Statements

Our Mission

is community and peace building through mural painting and multi- media technology.

Our Purpose

is to create global harmony by bringing people together through the arts on a global basis through the creation, sharing, and exhibition of murals that represent the visual voices of people reflecting social, educational and cultural expression that support a “Culture of Peace”.


Our Vision

is to create a self- sustaining organization using mural art, associated projects, and products to continue our work and “give back” to our global community projects.

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Number of Murals Created
Over 1/2 million Participants
Countries Involved
Established for More than 20 years

Muramid Museum Mural Donation

        The Muramid Museum & Art Center is in need of donations, big or small.

The value of a mural is priceless but $200 can fund one Peace/Healing mural in response to a major natural or human disaster in the world.

        Murals created for some tragic events include the Sandy Hook Shooting, 2016 Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the 2016 Las Vegas Mass shooting, Southern California Wildfires, and for the DACA Dreamers.

        Your donations will help us facilitate mural painting events and provide materials such as paint, canvas, and brushes so we can continue our mission and create more murals! Donations will also help maintain our facility and staff. 

We thank you ahead for your generosity.

$5 of $200 raised
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Donation Total: $10.00

Watch our Video

Click the play button to watch a short video about the Art Miles Mural Project and what we do!

Classes We Offer

Paint & Sip

Relax with a brush in one hand and a glass in the other! Create a stunning painting that you can show off to your friends!

Mural Painting

Create your very own mural to add to the Art Miles Mural collection. Also, learn techniques for painting in acrylic. 

Life Drawing

A class dedicated to realistic drawing. Work in mediums such as graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, and pastels!

Coming Soon - Mosaics

Interested in doing 3-dimensional art? Make colorful mosaic pieces for your home, garden, or a gift for a someone!

Coming Soon - Pottery

Join us at the potter's wheel and craft your very own vase. Be instructed on techniques and skills while having fun!

Coming Soon - Sculpting

Don't be afraid to get your hands a dirty in sculpting class! Learn to transform a block of clay into something spectacular!

News & Events

Never Forget who is Fighting

     We should never forget “First Peoples Women” who have long suffered genocide and other horrible crimes against them, including having children torn away from them and being treated by our white society as inferior when they, they in fact, are among the strongest of all women in having to tolerate such injustice….are brilliant […]

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