12 Mural Miles

Made with LOVE &

with a PURPOSE

Every mural which is created under the Art Miles name fits into 1 or more of our 12 themes. These themes include Multicultural, Senior, Women's, Hero, Sports, Environmental, Muralist, Children's, Peace & Healing, Music, Indigenous, and Fairy Tale. For each theme the project aimed to paint a mile in canvas with each mural measuring 12 feet long. Since 1997, The Art Miles Mural Project completed all 12 themes with a final total of 5,280 murals. Now we are continuing to add to each theme which are now called "miles" to represent the great expanse of murals.

The Multicultural Mural Mile

        The first in a series of mural paintings created by children to promote peace and understanding about the cultures of the world. In 1997, Fouad and Joanne Tawfilis created the project in Vienna, Austria. They were inspired by the Women of Srebrenica and 350 Children in an orphanage in Tuzla where the first mural was created on a bullet-riddled bedsheet. This life-changing experience motivated them to commit their time and resources to encourage the understanding of others as a pathway to peace. This mural mile displays works from participants of different35cultures around the world contributing to a unique story.

The Senior Mural Mile

            These murals describe a lifetime of Wisdom, Journeys, and Memories. Seniors have many stories to tell and aim to pass them on through generations. This mile was specially created for Seniors so they can express themselves not only by words by also by painting a visual representation. to They are carefully painted by our elders whose goal is to share experiences and lessons with others. In this Mural Mile, you can find many vivid and fading memories are released from the mind and painted on canvas.

The Women's Mural Mile

        The mile is the first in a series of intergenerational murals which support the empowerment of women. They provide women with the opportunity to develop a visual journey and express themselves on canvas. The murals in this collection stand against the gender wage gap, gender affiliated jobs, misogyny, sexism, and more social issues.  We have had thousands of women paint on these murals in hope to demonstrate their views. Painted with dedication on these murals is the representation of the millions of hearts and souls waiting to be heard.

The Hero Mural Mile

            This mile is a collaborative effort with the My Hero Project that will honor and emphasize the mentors and heroes of the past, present, and future. These murals are created to show our appreciation for those serving their country, courageous life impacters, and the kind souls who go out of their way to help others. Some may show people such as Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall, Gandhi, and other famous figures. Though other murals may tell the story of a dedicated family member, friend or a special loved one. Because a true hero isn't measured by their popularity or strength, but by the power of their heart.

The Sports Mural Mile

           This mile was created to honor athletes and promote the significance of health. Featured in this collection are Summer Olympic Games, Famous Olympians, and organizations aimed to support physical education. Being active doesn't provide only physical strength however it increases mental power too. Sports also develop greater self-awareness and the skills to work in a team. Working together is an important step in achieving peace. Sports play a big role in society and have an ability to unite people from all around the world with joy!

The Environmental Mural Mile

            This is by far the most populated mural mile birthed out of concerns by people of all ages, because of worry about Mother Earth. These murals are designed for the awareness of endangered animals, the pollution/litter on our land and oceans, climate change, and sadly many more issues. We painted many murals of this collection with the help of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. Every year more amazing murals are added because of the increasing concern for our wildlife and sea animals. People from around the world of all colors join and think of ways to protect the environment because Earth is worth fighting for!

The Muralist Mural Mile

            The Muralist Mural Mile was launched to support the art of Mural Painting and will highlight the work of professional muralists. We want to give artists the opportunity to express themselves in their own medium but on a much larger scale! Our long canvases are perfect for Muralists to work on. The mile is not constrained to a specific theme but only the artist's wild imagination. We enjoy displaying the fabulous murals that are created for this mile in the Muramid Museum. Murals from people of all ages from everywhere are presented in this special collection. Our goal is to fuel the spark in an artist's heart that has the power to inspire people!

The Children's Mile

            Inspired by a special teacher in Southern California who motivated her students to create amazing intercultural murals. She raised generous funds at their school and bought art materials to send to students in other countries. Teachers and children from the 2 countries would then collaborate with each other to plan a mural. One country would paint 1/2 mural then send it to the other for it to be finished. This mile has murals which show cultural views from children and how they view the world. In addition, other murals from schools, daycares, and inspiring kids have joined this mile. Since that time, children everywhere from many countries have found innovative ways to create murals through school activities and international exchanges.

Peace, Unity, and Healing Mural Mile

            Launched at the end of 2001, in honor of those directly affected by the 9/11 tragedy. This inspirational "Healing Mile" was inspired by the Southeastern Connecticut Chapter of the American Red Cross and consists of beautiful murals reflecting the Culture of Peace. The first of these murals were displayed within the first week following the tragedy and others presented to New Yorkers on September 11, 2002, at Ground Zero as a tribute to New Yorkers themselves and for the workers, families, survivors, and fellow citizens. Since that time people from all over the world have painted their visual dreams and visions of peace among all beings of our earth. This mile, one of the most important has served thousands to send and receive mural messages of hope and healing in response to natural and human disasters.

The Music Mile

            Music is emotional and like art, it can speak loudly! This mile represents important figures and movements in music. Iconic musicians such as The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and John Lennon are painted on these murals. People from around the world can relate to one thing in common, they appreciate music and the impact it has. Music is able to motivate and inspire people with just a beat. This collection portrays the musicians, composers, bands, artists, and their legacy to the world as an art form. Music seems to always find a place in everyone's hearts. Now it has found an important place on our murals.  

The Indigenous Peoples Mural Mile

            The Indigenous Peoples Mile is inspired by the Native Americans and rich cultural heritage and inextricable environmental ties with nature. Not only do we focus on Native Americans but many other Indigenous communities and populations from around the world. The goal of this mural mile is to help communities worldwide become more aware and learn about the Indigenous people. We have designed murals to support Native Americans such as Standing Rock against the Dakota Acess Pipeline. Many people have come together to express their appreciation and support for Indigenous People on impressive murals.

The Fairy Tale Mural Mile

            This Mile is absolutely magical. In collaboration with Narni, Italy, we have painted fairy tales and folktales from throughout the world. Everone can recall a traditional fairy tale though, some of our creative muralists and painters have created their own magical and vibrant story on the murals. From wizards to magical animals to fairies these murals are guaranteed to bring happiness and a look of wonder to your face. This collection sparks the imagination and the youngness inside of everyone. A selection of 100 murals will soon be displayed in a coming soon sister Museum in Narni, Italy!