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Become a Volunteer

One of the GREATEST gifts you can give is your time.

        We Need You!          

            The Muramid Museum couldn't be where it is today without the generous support of the public. Participants from around the world have helped organize, facilitate, and paint at mural events. It is people like you who keep The Art Miles Mural Project alive and thriving! We want you to paint with us and witness the power of our murals.

   How Can You Help?

            We frequently host mural paintings at The Muramid Museum and gladly invite the general public to join us. Like most of our murals, there is a reason behind painting them or a strong message we want to give out. Whether it is a natural or human disaster, we paint our murals with passion. Stop by The Muramid Museum or check out the News & Events page for more information about upcoming murals.

            The Muramid Museum & Art Center encourages the participation of volunteers to bring people together through Mural Art support the Culture of Peace. Throughout the year, The Muramid Museum relies on the hard work and skills of dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers include high school & college students, local teachers, marines, and young-at-heart retirees/seniors. We would love to find a spot that matches your talents and availibility. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and to be interviewed and trained in our procedures, we encourage you to complete this application by clicking the button below.

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