Never Forget WHO is Fighting

     We should never forget "First Peoples Women" who have long suffered genocide and other horrible crimes against them, including having children torn away from them and being treated by our white society as inferior when they, they in fact, are among the strongest of all women in having to tolerate such injustice....are brilliant about preserving their heritage, taking back their native languages and so much more that is NOT written in our history books. Among them live incredible heroes and living angels.

     I will always remember and never forget that our most treasured names throughout the USA are INDIGENOUS PEOPLE names...but how many people really know or understand the truth? I also hope everyone understands that Indigenous Women's Rights also are fought for among most countries of this earth and all continents. We are so distracted by the state of the world with all the chaos, it's unfortunate that we don't join our hearts and hands together more often as a untied womanhood who can no longer walk in silence.

Written by Joanne Tawfilis, PhD.