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Paint for Parkland at CSU San Marcos

Check out this ABC10 segment from February 21st, 2018 morning news!

On Tuesday 2/20 and Thursday 2/22 we painted a three murals with Cal State San Marcos and their Human Development Department. Each mural has symbolize and meaning to it. One displays 17 peace signs each with a victims name written & another shows 17 rays of bright colors and designs coming from a peace dove centered in the middle. On Thursday the Human Resource team and Marilyn Huerta sketched and painted a creative tree with 17 birds which were painted colorful representing the victims youth and free soul.

We want the victim's families and friends to know they have support from across the country. While people painted they think about their own thoughts and emotions towards the devastating high school shooting. Our project has organized murals for every major natural or human disaster which has happened over the past 20 years. From Columbine to Aurora to Sandy Hook to Florida Night Club to Las Vegas, and now the Parkland. The mural will be delivered to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. We want the families to know that students and supporters from across the country express their love and passion.

We would like to thank the hosts and research team of this event for their hard work in making this happen!

Marilyn Huerta, Dr. Eliza Bigham, Jill Bullock, Marija Sutic, Alexis Arellano, Eulalia Da Rosa, and CSUSM Human Resources Department.
This outstanding HD497 Research Team is focusing on gaining a greater understanding of healing arts and how it can be applied in communities. Their team was hardworking and very engaging with the students making this event more than just painting but healing too.

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Paint for Parkland