Why Murals?

Painting BIG encourages individual to express themselves singularly and in a group by sharing ideas and concepts. We have also witnessed the healing power of murals when they are created in response to natural and human disasters, both by painters and receivers as messages of LOVE and HOPE that HEAL.

Why Now?

Making murals is an ancient tradition that dates back to the days of cave paintings. Murals are powerful and have the ability to send a loud message. Now, more than ever, our world needs activities that educate, heal and inspire our youth and bring communities together.

Why do we do what we do?

Because our hearts, like millions of other people, have been touched by the human need to be conscious of our diverse world and live in a peaceful world that does not harm Mother Nature or Humanity.

Our Mission

is community and peace building through mural painting and multi- media technology.

Our Purpose

is to create global harmony by bringing people together through the arts on a global basis through the creation, sharing, and exhibition of murals that represent the visual voices of people reflecting social, educational and cultural expression that support a “Culture of Peace”.


Our Vision

is to create a self- sustaining organization using mural art, associated projects, and products to continue our work and “give back” to our global community projects.