Our Vision

When people come together, the world changes.

     Our vision is to create a self-sustaining organization using mural art, associated projects, and products to continue our work and “give back” to our global community projects. We aim become recognized internationally as a Mural Museum and a Center for the Arts which brings people together from around the world in peace through art.

Our History

The project started with a bedsheet full of bullet holes being painted by orphans in Bosnia. Our founders, Fouad and Joanne Tawfilis saw the impact on how art affected the children. They watched as the woefulness in their eyes transformed into a sparkle of joy.
They watched as their stiff hands loosened up around a paintbrush. They watched as all the orphan's hearts started to become warm again. The power of Art is unexplainable. It can heal.

Why Murals?

Painting BIG encourages individual to express themselves singularly and in a group by sharing ideas and concepts. We have also witnessed the healing power of murals when they are created in response to natural and human disasters, both by painters and receivers as messages of LOVE and HOPE that HEAL.

Why Now?

Making murals is an ancient tradition that dates back to the days of cave paintings. Murals are powerful and have the ability to send a loud message. Now, more than ever, our world needs activities that educate, heal and inspire our youth and bring communities together.

Why do we do it?

Our hearts, like millions of other people, have been touched by the human need to be conscious of our diverse world and live in a peaceful world that does not harm Mother Nature or Humanity.

Jane Goodall signing a Mural painted in her honor. This mural is part of the Hero Mile, Women’s Mile, and Environmental Mile. Jane Goodall is known as the world’s first expert on chimpanzees. She also recognized as an inspiration to aspiring female scientists.

12 Miles of Murals

     Every mural our project produces is categorized into 1 or more of our 12 themes. These themes include Multicultural, Senior, Women’s, Hero, Sports, Environmental, Muralist, Children’s, Peace & Healing, Music, Indigenous, and Fairy Tale. For each theme, The Art Miles Mural Project goal was to paint on canvas adding up to 12 miles. Our name is based on this goal.  Since 1997, The Art Miles Mural Project completed all 12 themes with 1 mile of canvas and a final total of 5,280 murals. Now we are continuing to add to each theme which are now called “miles” to represent the great expanse of murals.

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Become a Volunteer

When people come together, the world changes.

Throughout the year, The Muramid Museum relies on the hard work and skills of dedicated volunteers. We would love to find a spot that matches your talents and availability and welcome you as part of our team.

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What people are saying.

You have created something quite marvelous, something that extends far beyond the walls of your wonderful museum, something that brings people together and bonds them. We are honored to be part of Art Miles.

Jerry SchubelPresident, Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California

A very well-articulated coverage of your passion and work for advancing the culture of peace as well a preview of the Muramid Museum and Art Center. This article will get the word around so that more and more people recognize and appreciate your contribution to humanity’s well-being through art.

Ambassador Anwarul K. ChowdhuryPresident of the UN Security Council

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this wonderful project!. The kids were absolutely amazing. I saw their faces go from a bit of shock in the morning when they were introduced to the task to intense determination and then absolute joy as the day went on and the murals came to life. What a great initiative, spreading around the world due to your tireless efforts.

Justin SiberellUS Consul General Dubai, Director American Center Alexandria 2006

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