Our History

The project started with a bedsheet full of bullet holes being painted by orphans in Bosnia. Our founders, Fouad and Joanne Tawfilis saw the impact on how art affected the children. They watched as the woefulness in their eyes transformed into a sparkle of joy. They watched as their stiff hands loosened up around a paintbrush. They watched as all the orphan’s hearts started to become warm again. The power of Art is unexplainable. It can heal.

Joanne and Fouad’s experience in Bosnia sparked an idea for a Global Project, using painting and art to promote a culture of peace. And now, imagine more than 20 years later, we have completed more than 5,280 murals with 1/2 million people painting from over 100 countries around the world.

The Art Miles Mural Project is a non-profit and was established in 1997. It is approved and accepted as a major project for the United Nations, UNESCO. Our 100% volunteer participants work relentlessly to facilitate the creation of murals ranging from schools, organizations, public venues, hospitals, refugee camps and local, national and international museums.

We have incredible project coordinators located throughout the world, with a record of over 150 exhibitions held in major locations and museums. To name a few but respectively:

American Museum of Natural History – New York, USA
Aquarium of the Pacific – Long Beach, CA, USA
Cal State University San Marcos – San Marcos, CA, USA
Culture Wheel – Cairo, Egypt
French Cultural Center – Alexandria, Egypt
Incheon International Airport – Seoul, South Korea
Lahore Fort – Lahore, Pakistan
Library of Alexandria – Alexandria, Egypt
Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York, NY, USA
Museum of Contemporary Art – Tokyo, Japan
Pyramids of Teotihuacan – Mexico State, Mexico
Rathaus – Vienna, Austria
Technical Museum of Vienna – Vienna, Austria
UNESCO Headquarters – Paris, France
United Nations Building San Diego – San Diego, CA, USA
U.S. Consulate – Alexandria, Egypt

Our murals are not traditional wall murals. They are created on 5-foot by 12-foot lengths of art canvas. This allows the murals to be versatile and sent around the world to be exhibited. Each mural has its own unique story or purpose. As part of our Peace and Healing mural mile, they are painted for both natural and human disasters to express the love and support of people. We then mail them to the destination. Our project has worked with many well-known organizations. To name a few but respectively:

  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Cal State University San Marcos
  • Hands of Peace
  • Laurel Elementary
  • Mountain Shadows Outreach Center
  • The Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad
  • Yelp

Murals have been painted in schools, organizations, clubs, shelters, refugee collectives, war zones, after-school programs, through international exchanges, major global world conferences and in public and private venues. Though with the thousands of murals, Art Miles needed a place to show off the beautiful works of art. And now through all the years of our global team’s hard work and the generous support of the public, Art Miles now has a place to call home, The Muramid Museum.

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